After hearing the news that UA President Johnsen had submitted a waiver asking the NCAA to allow both UAA and UAF to compete with less then the 10 sport miniumum, with the intention of dropping women’s and men’s skiing if granted, Fairbanks local ski enthusiast and high school coach Brandy Harty started an on-line petition.

This petition requested the NCAA deny the waiver, and also that the Board of Regents consider keeping skiing regardless of the waiver results. Within 2 weeks the petition received:

  • Over 5,000 signatures!
  • 4,300 signatures from the United States
  • 31 countries represented
  • 2600 signatures from Alaska
    • 630 from Fairbanks area
    • 1,650 from Anchorage area
    • 110 from Palmer / Wasilla
    • 70 from Kenai, Homer, and Seward
    • Petersburg, Juneau, Sitka, Delta Junction, Hope, Haines and many more!
  • 45 US States represented
  • 128 pages of comments with 10 – 15 comments per page

    To see the petition and read the comments click here!